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I/O Error

New Contributor

That would be Ignorant Operator Error.  I just purchased the T6i and the current issue I have is when I turn the camera on, I get what I assume to be an info status on the display.  (i.e. Close Up, Standard Setting, Defaut Setting,etc)  If I release the shutter once, I can then take one picture then the display goes back to the info status.  I have to release the shutter again and can then take 1 more pic.  I am sure I have made some error in setting up. turned the wrong knob, mashed the wrong button or some other newbie mistake.   


Thanks in advance for any advice.


Honored Contributor

Sounds right to me, when you are in green square mode. What do you want to see on the LCD? If you want to see the image on the LCD before you take the picture, press the liveview button - the button that shows the back of the camera. That will flip the mirror up and let you see what the sensor sees.

Thanks. I have so much to learn. But it's gonna be a fun ride.

Don't complain about the settings display.  Most people lose it, and post questions asking how to get it back by default.  Most of the Rebel Series of cameras will show you a power-up display that will be the same thing that was displayed when the camera was shut off. 


If you have not already downloaded a PDF of the full instrution manual for your camera, I strongly suggest you do so.


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