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How to start/stop video from REAR of camera!





Presumably from that setup you are using an IR trigger and the camera only has a sensor on the front ( I don't understand why camera manufacturers do that ).

If you camera has an external shutter release socket then the easiest way is to get a wireless shutter release then you can fire the shutter from any direction.

Hello Ry-uk,

Yes, a remote (other than with an IR beam in front of the camera) will be able to release the shutter on the EOS M6 but it cannot start or stop a video recording. The only possible way to activate video recording on the Canon M6 is by either pressing the video button on the rear of the camera or by pointing (direct line) an IR beam toward the front of the camera from a device such as the Canon RC-6. In other words, it is impossible to start/stop video remotely without standing in front of the camera while aiming an IR beam (direct line only) at the front of the camera.

The device I have invented allows the photographer to record video from the rear of the camera with an RC-6. Indoors, I am able to start/stop video from behind the camera on the M6 from a maximum distance of 33 feet. Personally, I need nowhere near that distance, and now I can record wildlife without pushing the record button on the camera. Of course, recording wildlife while standing in front of the camera (the only other offered option) is not possible with skittish wildlife.