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When I connect my camera to my computer (got a new one) and turn the camera on.. nothing happens. Id


I recenly got a new computer (Windows Home Premium). Now when I connect my Rebel T1i and turn on the camera, nothing happens. When I open the  EOS utility and turn the camera on, the pormpts show up (pale) but are not active. How can I get the system to recognize my camera?


I assume this is for getting pictures out of the camera and onto the computer and not for shooting tethered?

I would suggest getting a card reader for $10 bucks that plugs into the computer by USB. taken you just plug the card into the reader instead of having to have the camera on, using battery. The card reader is also faster to download.

Just make a folder where you want the images to go, go into My Computer and see the SD card shows as a removable drive. Highlight all the photos in the card then drag and drop into the file you made. I make a new file for each batch, naming it by date then subject. I never liked where the computer wanted to put the files, and like you say if you change something you may not get the prompt for uploads anymore.

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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

Thanks Scotty