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How to recover lost photos


hey everyone. 

ok so I'm new to photography and I am still in school so I though what better way to practice then to take pictures there. I was trying to get them from my camera to a laptop but it deleted all of them. I thought out was a glich so I went and took a couple photos and tried agin. all that showed up was the photos from today. if anyone has ANY idea how to get them back in put would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks!



If you just deleted images and didn't format the card you may be able to recover some of them, depending on how many new photos you took.

Look into one of the many recovery software tools you can see listed on the web.

The manufacturer of your SD card may have software. that would be the best route.

Search "SD card recovery software"

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Before you go to recovery software get yourself a SD reader. They are cheap and even Walmart will have them.

Hook it up to your laptop and use the laptop to explore the SD. Some laptops have SD slots already. This will confirm whether the photos are actually still there or have been deleted. Do nothing to the SD except explore it. Do not format it or delete anything else or even use it again. Just look! You may find your photos are still there; if not go ahead and try one of the recovery programs. The brand of SD you have may have one for free on their web site.

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