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How to convert RAW files to JPEG?


I have a bunch of raw files and I am not sure how to convert them to JPEG.  I sure would appreciate some help with this.  Thank you


@ebiggs1 wrote:

"... correct and incorrect exposure and color values on the Web needs to find a good optometrist."


And if they can tell the diffrence between a jpg or RAW edit on Fakebook, they are truly gifted.

You can only push/pull the shadows/highlights so much in a jpg.  A person's skill in PS will allow more manipulation without too much noise, but you can't manipulate data that are not there.  RAW files have access to data that aren't there in the JPG.  Cleaning up shadow noise is one thing, but blown highlights on a JPG are nothing more than white pixels;  with RAW there's often still data there. 


I also prefer to adjust my exposure, if needed, during RAW conversion because it's cleaner.  But I agree with your overall point - that you can 'bend' the exposure of a JPG in photoshop (a reasonable amount) without being noticeable in a web-sized picture.


I also find color manipulation, particularly skin tone for glamour/portrature, to be much easier and smoother in RAW.  But I do posses the ability in Photoshop to make similar changes.  Though if Facebook has taught me anything, it's that the majority of people out there do not possess this ability.

50D,, had the SAME issue with my 60D

They are from my new canon 50D.  I am trying to STICK to RAW format,, I did take you advice and downloaded the picasa program.   IO have had THAT program before.  also ONE-Drive will also allow me to view the raw images,, but,, I just am not "warm and fuzzy" with having to use hotmail log-in to gain access to  one drive.


As you are posting on the Canon forum, I will assume you are using a Canon camera.  Your camera came with the software you need.  It's called Digital Photo Professional.  It will also have the user manual for the software.

I have bought a Canon EOS M10 - it dod not come with the software - Digital Photo Professional. Neither the website I am being able to get a free download ! Need to convert raw to jpg !

What web site are you using?  Use this link to find the product support page for your camera.

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If it is just a one time thing, you can use Irfanview. It's fast, free, light but doesn't have a lot of adjustments.
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"I think Lightroom is the best ...Smiley Very Happy (Boy this is getting scary!)


DPP comes with the camera for free and it certainly works. Even does batch processing. But as was mentioned Lightroom 5.2 is the best. 

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Unless you're on a Mac... in which case I usually recommend Aperture instead.  Lightroom was developed to compete with Aperture (not the other way around.)  Aperture costs about half the price.


Tim Campbell
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When you purchased your camera you should have received a disc with Digital Photo Professional, DPP, on it. Install DPP and open the program. Select one of your raw files and click on it to highlight it. At the top of the page click on FILE and you will get a dropdown box. Now click on CONVERT AND SAVE. A new window will open and you should see the file name of the image you selected in the box labeled FILE NAME. In the box below that you should see JPEG in the box labeled SAVE AS TYPE. Click on save and the raw file will be converted to jpeg and saved along side the raw file.

Lightroom is a great program and I use it but DPP is a good program to use especially if you don't have any other processing software. You can do a lot of basic editing in DP and you may find that it is all you need. Before you spend any money on photo editing software spend some time using DPP to get a feel for what editing is all about and then begin to look at other programs.
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