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There appears to be a dirt speck on the sensor array of my 5D Marklll. It's present with any lens.

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How can get the speck removed from the sensor on a 5D Marklll? 


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Join and then send it to CPS.

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@iamredrover wrote:

How can get the speck removed from the sensor on a 5D Marklll? 

My series of actions with my bodies is (1) activate the automotic sensor cleaning with the body sitting vertically on a hard service. (2) utilize manual sensor cleaning and use a rocket blower on the sensor (3) then have it professionally cleaned if necessary. Ever since my older 5D bodies, I've not needed to get to step (3).


I know a lot of people wet clean their own sensors. More power to them. Not me.


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If it's still under warranty, Canon will clean it for free.
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Hi everyone!


To clarify: The service center will need to examine the camera before warranty coverage can be determined.  If the Automatic sensor cleaning doesn't remove the spec, you can try manually cleaning the sensor with a blower.  Here are the instructions:

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