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How do I connect my 7D to wi fi

I have a 7Dand would like to use my I pad for shooting but I don't have a wi fi setting on my camera do I need hardware or software?


Even with that gadget you will need an Apple ap.  Don't expect sparkling performance either.

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Yes, all the higher end and metal clad Canon bodies use a separate/external WFT module instead of built in WiFi.


Among the APS-C crop sensor models, the models that use a WFT module include 40D, 50D, 7D and 7DII. Among the APS-H and full frame models, most of the 1D and 1Ds series use a module, and so too do the 5D Mark II and Mark III.


Partly this is said to be because of interference with the WiFi signal from the metal (magnesium) body panels. The WFT modules have much, much greater range than built-in WiFi (200 to 400 ft vs 15 to 30 ft) and generally faster, more reliable and secure data transfer.


Depending upon how far from your camera you want to control it, you may be able to tether the camera to the iPad with a cable (I believe you'll need some sort of adapter for the iPad, since it doesn't have a USB port).  It's not wireless, of course, but might do what you need it to do.


In either case, wired or wireless, in order to control your camera, you'll need to install EOS Utility on your computer.



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You can do this with a 3rd party produced called "CamRanger".  It's roughly the size of a phone and attaches via a short USB cable.  It includes software for smartphones, tablets (e.g. iPad) and regular computers (Mac or PC).  It allows complete remote tethering control via WiFi.  It also has the option to do remote tethering via an ethernet cable.


It's fairly fast.  As you shoot, it sends thumbnails to the remote device (rather than the full file ... since a RAW can take a while to transfer depending on your WiFi network speeds.)  It's really nice that all thumbnails come across quickly and you can choose which full-images you'd like to fetch based on the thumbnails.


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