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Help, M200 Freezes and completely dies


Hello everyone, just over a year ago I bought an EOS M200. For a while everything was fine until around Christmas time it started giving me, often and willingly, a problem. When I recorded for too long and then turned off the camera (for a lens change or other reasons) it wouldn't turn back on. Lately, however, this problem occurs practically all the time and mostly even when I take simple photos. For example, it happened to me that just before I was about to take a photo, the camera would completely freeze, and the only solution that obviously came to mind was to turn it off and on again, but once done, it showed no signs of life. The only solution I have managed to find until now is to keep the camera off and with the battery removed for at least a whole day, after which it will work again normally. One hypothesis of mine is that this is due to a temperature problem, but I'm not sure.

In case you're wondering:

No, it's not a battery-related issue. The battery is working 100%, and furthermore, I tried with two other batteries that I bought separately but to no avail.

I tried to operate the camera with both lenses I own but no results.

The space on the SD card is still predominantly free.

Am I the only one who has got this issue? Is there any solution available or do i have to send the camera back?

(Sorry for the english but i'm italian 😅)



I have an M200 and do not have that problem. Your testing has narrowed it down to a problem with the camera body. I suggest you send it for service.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Alright, thanks... 😔