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Help! Is something broke with my EOS R6 or do I have my movie settings wrong?


Something is wrong with my R6 or my settings are not correct when shooting movies. I shot some beautiful film of my son playing his cello. It appears okay at normal speed but when I took it into iMovie and slowed it down by 50% the movie is jittery, jumpy and almost strobe like. This has happened to me before (I cannot turn the film into slow motion because it is jumpy/jittery) and I feel absolutely sick, wondering if there is something wrong with my camera or if I have my settings wrong.   Video posted below:

Can someone please tell me:

1. Is my camera broke or not. 

2. Is this video fixable.

3. Best settings for future slo mo. 

Thank you so much for the help!

Dimensions: 1920x1080

Movie rec. size: FHD 59.94P

Shutter speed: 1/128th 





I don't think there is anything wrong with your camera. I think that's what you can expect by playing your video back at half speed.

One thing you can try for your slow motion video is to shoot them at 120fps.

When you do that, remember to increase your shutter speed to 1/250 and, if you are at your widest aperture, and can't go any wider, then increase your ISO, because with the faster shutter speed, your videos will be darker.

Steve Thomas

Greetings TS1975,

I would recommend the settings that stevet1 suggested when it comes to recording slow motion footage with the EOS R6 camera. Video playback may not be smooth when shooting at 59.94 frames per second and slowing it down in a video player or video editor and playing back the footage. In a video editor, you may check to see if there's an option to slow down the footage which may smoothen out the final output but it's not a guarantee that the footage will be smooth compared to shooting at 120 frames per second within the camera itself.

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