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Having trouble connecting Canon 50 to live stream


Hi there. I am looking to connect my Canon m50 camera to my computer so I can live stream on Streamyard and/or Zoom. 

For some reason my MacBook Pro computer won't connect to the camera. I see the screen below.

I have installed the Canon Web Utility Drive from the company's website. I also have restarted my computer. 

Things I have tried:

  • Connected the camera to my computer by connecting one end of an HDMI cord plugged to the camera, the other end into a -> HD Capture Card into -> USB converter > to my MacBook Pro (Monterey) 

  • Connected the camera to my computer with a standard USBC cord.

None of these methods seemed to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't figure out what to do. 

This is the error I see:

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.20.25 PM.png


Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) I belive. 

I have a USB converter piece. 

If the converter goes to USB-A - the square one, then that cord from amazon is what you need.

Thanks for the reply!! I purchased this today and it arrives tomorrow. I’ll let you all know if this did the trick or not.



My money is on Monterey not liking the capture card.   

What happens if you plug another source into the card?

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@shadowsports wrote:


My money is on Monterey not liking the capture card.   

What happens if you plug another source into the card?

Good point.  The EOS Webcam Utility is not listed as being compatible with Monterey at the link that I posted above.

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Oh godddddd. Whattttt? So I can't live stream because I'm on Monterey?! Surely there has to be a solution for this right? 😩 Is there anything I can do? 

Not quite sure haha. I don't have anything else to plug into the card.

I bought this HDMI cord and capture card about a year and a half ago (before Canon had an Apple drive available). Maybe these are no longer needed? Thanks for the reply. 


I have an update! It was indeed the USB cable. I bought [Removed link per forum guidelines] and it instantly worked! 

Thank you everyone for weighing in. I really appreciate it. Happy holidays! 


Hi JoranCamera88,

The link has been removed and I need to know which cable it is as I am the same problem with M50 and Monterey