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Has anyone had a problem with memory cards switching the file from EOS to EKS?


My camera memory cards have suddenly switched from an EOS file to an EKS file and are no longer readable.  I don't know if the problem is my computer, my card reader, my memory cards, or my camera.  It doesn't seem probable that two cards would become corrupted or go bad at the same time.  I have two large capacity cards and two new high capacity cards that I haven't tried yet, but I'm afraid to try to use any of my other cards until I know what is going on with these two.   The camera I'm using a 5D Mark II.  Can anyone please help!   This is a serious problem for me! 


Thank you to everyone for your help and assistance!


Best regards,




I don't understand what you're saying so please explain


What brand  & model of cards are giving you this problem?




Where or what is showing as an EKS file?


Where do you see that file name? Is it the name used for a folder under the DCIM folder? Is it on the camera's LCD?


Have you formatted the cards or can you even format them either in camera or with your computer & what computer & OS are you using (Windows or Mac etc).


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When you open your files for viewing or try to download them to Lightroom its the file under DCIM that I'm referring to.  Normally is says "EOS" now is says "EKS".  Lightroom shows "?" marks under each level of file on the card.   I'm using SanDisk Compact Flash cards.  The cards I'm having problems with are a 512 mg and a 4 gb Extreme III .  I'm sure the Extreme III card has been formatted.  I'm also using an HP computer with Windows 7, 64 bit operating system.  I tried reformatting the 4 gb card and taking some test shots.  The computer says "the file is corrupted or unreadable".   When I put the card into the camera to reformat it showed the camera showed it completely full with no unused space.   I can view the test images in the LCD on the camera, but the computer can't read the files to open or download my images.  

Lightroom should recognize your camera (assume it's LR3 or later) automatically without pointing it to the DCIM directory. The files you are referring to is system file I think and not the photos; thus OS cannot read the file.
Do you have a card reader? For some reason, if you connect your camera into Lightroom directly, sometimes LR doesn't show the preview of your images. Instead you'll get ? next to a gray box. If you don't have a card reader, just plug your camera in, ignore the ? and the gray box (this is LR problem, not your camera), then import them anyway. You should see your test shot once it's done importing.
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I don't use Lightroom so no ideas re it's failure to see the files. If you try the above suggestion & it doesn't help & you have a card reader try scanning the card with recovery software to see what it says is there.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Thank you for all the responses thus far.   I'm using LR3 and it should recognize the images automatically, but its not.  That's when I tried opening the folder in Windows Explorer to drag the files to a hard drive connected to the computer and I can't do that either.  I haven't connected the camera directly to the computer.  I normally remove the card from the camera and download my images with a card reader.  The card reader I'm currently using is built into my HP computer.  I can't import the images off the cards at all.   I don't know if its my computer, my camera, or my card.  If its the cards...what has corrupted them?  I have other cards and these images aren't critical, but I need to know what's causing the problem.  I can't go out and shoot without knowing if I'm actually capturing the images.  This is a really big problem for me.  Thank you for any and all assistance!

Can you try to import it from the camera? Maybe there is something wrong with the card reader.
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Okay.  Thank you for your response.  I'll try it in about an hour.  I'm currently uploading other images to my website and they'll be done in about an hour.  Since I'm having problems with the card I'm reluctant to try more than one process at a time.  I'll post the results as soon as I try a direct camera connection.

Thank you so much for your help!  I found the problem.  The preinstalled computer card reader has gone bad.  The images open properly when the camera is connected directly to the computer and also when I use my old card reader.

Glad you figured it out. I've heard built-in-card-reader from HP is not reliable at all. 

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