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Getting pictures off Rebel T6


My Rebel T6 will not connect to my Lenovo computer so I cannot transfer my photos.  I have the WiFi NFC disabled.


@2z wrote:

Thanks for the help guys. For now I will have to limp along with the Lenovo since I just spent $$ on the camera.  Guess a new laptop will be on my wish list.  Any suggestions as to what is good these days.

Photo processing is not low end laptop work.  You really need a laptop with an NVidia graphics card: like a workstation or a gaming computer.  I would stick with a genuine Intel Inside, like a Dell.  Lots of complaints from Asus and Acer owners on the forums.


I recently bought a 32GB Dell gaming laptop on sale for under $1000.  It has a primary 500 MB solid state hard drive, a 1TB secondary hard drive for data storage, and an NVidia 4GB video card with 4K output.  I hardly have any of the problems that most people seem to complain about.  All of my applications are stored on the SSD drive, and use it as a paging file.

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Does your computer have a card reader?


What version of Windows? You should be able to use the Canon software.

Windows 10.  Downloaded the software but no luck as yet.

Are they both on the same 2.4 GHz SSID?


OMG.  The what now? That is out of my sphere of knowledge.

My mistake, you are trying to connect via a cable yes? And you have the EOS software on the computer?



Do you have a card reader slot?

Yes.  It did not work either.  I am beginning  to think there may be a problem with my computer.  I finally was able to get the pictures loaded using a different USB port and the Lenovo picture manager.


Lenovo computers do have a rep for having bad connections (USB, VGA, HDMI, ...) on thier laptops and some desktop models too. When I did tech support for PC's i would recommend against Lenovo products to most of my customers. If you really need all the connectors working right and don't mind the expense, find a repair shop that does real repairs rather than replacements and have them check it over fully or buy a new laptop.


If either of those are too expensive then just check which ports work and make sure you use those only.

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