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External Mic auto mode vs movie mode


I'm using a shotgun mic on my M50 Markii.  All of the videos I have seen state that you must use the movie mode so that you can set levels.  When I do, I notice that I have to raise the gain considerably in the manual setting.  My question is, why is it not recommended to use the mic in auto mode.  It sounds pretty good, strong gain and reduced background noise.  And does changing the setting in movie mode effect the settings in auto? I appreciate your consideration...


Rising Star
Rising Star

simple answer is that in less noisy periods, recording with auto will raise the base floor noise higher during those quiet times.  have a manual/fixed level that's adjusted for your external mic will ensure you have a consistent level.  Another main issue that people don't take into consideration is the mic distance to the source should be as close as possible and people expect mics to have some "reach".  So when source distance changes (i.e. person speaking walks away from the camera/mic, the input level will decrease.  In the case where there is constant variation of distance, auto will perform better but at the cost of more noise.


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