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Error (Err 02) in Canon 7D Mark II when doing image copy from SD to Flash card; is this a bug?


Using hardware and firmware as:

- Camera: Canon 7D Mark II firmware ver. 1.0.4.

- Flash card (1): Kingston 64 GB ultimate 266X

- SD card (2): SanDisk 32 GB Extreme 60 MB/s


Both cards where bought from authorized dealer, and looks genuine.


Steps to generate the error:

1: Test SD card (2) on PC with H2testw with no problems

2: Format Flash card (1) in camera

3: Format SD card (2) in camera, using low level format

4: Take 1505 JPG images in high resolution to the SD card (2)

5: Copy images from SD card (2) to Flash card (1)


After copying of about 200 images, this resulted in error "Err 02", which cays:

"Card2 cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card2 or format card2 with camera."


The problem had occurred previously with a Lexar SD card, so the above steps were made in order to reproduce the error and describe the exact steps taken for the error to occur.


Are there anybody else that experience the same error ?


Does this look like a bug in the Canon 7D Mark II using firmware ver. 1.0.4, or is there a way I can make it work ?


Best regards





If you are american, send the bug report here. Add as much information as possible.

Thanks; I will give it a week, and if no solution is provided, then send a bug report, even though I am not American but Danish.

I have just reported the error through the Danish support system.

Canon 2nd level support contacted me yesterday.

They said that this issue was unknown in their system.

In order to proceed they needed to read out additional error information from the camera, and such read-out is only possible on an authorized service size, since the software for such read-out is not available for users.

Canon where not interested in providing me the software to do the error read-out, so I could send this to them for further investigation in relation to the support case.

I suggested that the support person should request that such software for error read-out is made available for the end user, in order to provide further information in relation to support case, but the support person was not interested in going forward with such an idea.

Canon were not interested in trying to reproduce the problem them self, even through I offered to send them the SD and Flash cards that caused the problem.

So all Canon could do was to tell me to spendt additional time and money sending the camera to a service size, and then having to miss the camera for 14 days during while the service site investigates.

I must admit, that this has left me with a bad experience in relation to buying a relatively expensive Canon camera together with high-end brand memory cards. In my opinion, it looks like Canon is not giving the end user any good ways of determined the reason for an error, which could lead to product improvement for example a firmware fix.  All I can do, if I want to move on this this, and potentially help Canon fix their product, is to spend additional time and money sending the camera to a service size.

There is definitely room for improvement!