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Error 80 and a Failure on Separate Mark II Bodies


One body, after a successful, problem free shoot just crapped out when the second shoot started. It displayed error 80 and the shutter would not fire, the back LCD screen did not display, and the focus/meter did not work. Batteries and CF cards were changed, as were lenses. On the second on pulled as the backup, there was no error 80 but the symptoms were pracitcally identical. The shutter/aperture small screen functioned, but the shutter would not fire. Batteries, CF cards, lenses were all swapped. What gives?



Were the cameras, by chance, sitting on a curb in a humid environment without a lens or body cap installed?


Lenses used? Mixed or moved from body to body? Canon lenses? Third party? Sprinkler system? Ha ha.

Everything was Canon with the exception of the CF cards, of course. They are Kingston. Lenses were 70-200 and 24-70. Yes, they were moved from body to body.

Still doesn't work or a intermitent issue?

Flat out won't fire. I believe they're going to the depot for repair (they are corporate assets, not my personal equipment).

Electromagnetic interference, maybe? If the cameras were subjected to, say, a strong magnetic field between the two shoots, it might have screwed up their embedded processors. Did the second shoot take place near an operating cyclotron or some other such device?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA