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Eos rebel T7 live view shooting wont turn on


The live view shooting does not want to turn on at all even if I change the mode. It only turns on movie mode but it does not record. I can take pictures but I cannot see them unless I transfer them on the computer, but the pictures come out super dark that you can barely see anything in the picture. None of the buttons work. Please help! I have tried taking out the battery and sim but nothing works. Help.



Is this a brand new camera - i.e. not purchased used?

If it is, take it back to the retailer and get them to look at it.

cheers, TREVOR

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It is brand new. Out of no where it “messed up”. I will try to take it to Best Buy to see if they can help me out.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings natalyromero,

If Live View Shooting is enabled in the camera's menu then let's press the small camera icon that's located towards the right of the viewfinder to enable the Live View shooting function when the camera is ready to take a picture. We should her the mirror go up and we should be able to see through the camera's LCD screen instead of the viewfinder.

For the exposure issue, please check to see which mode the camera is set to. For example, setting it to the Manual (M) exposure mode on the Mode Dial of the camera allows for the user to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The image may appear dark depending on the settings. A good way to check to see if the camera is metering the light correctly is to set the camera to the Auto (A+) mode on the Mode Dial and to take a picture in a well lit environment.

If the Live View function is still not working and the images are still underexposed then let's clear the camera settings to restore them back to factory default. I will provide you with a link to the user guide and the steps to clear the settings are on page 194. Please make sure to have the camera in either the P, Tv, Av, or the M mode to allow this option to be available in the camera’s menu.

In case the camera is still not working well then you may send it in to our facility for service. Please register the camera to your My Canon Account and the option to request a repair will become available.