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Eos T3 step down lens adapter?

I have the Eos Rebel T3 with the 58mm lens mount and found a Canon lens with a 55mm mount lens that I'd like to use. What do I need to buy to make the body step down to use the 55mm lens? I know there is something out there as I've done just that with other brand cameras but I can't seem to find what I'm needing for this particular camera.


You are using the term "lens" -- normally a lens is attached to the camera body directly.  Are you wanting an adapter for the thread-on filter?


What you are looking for is called a "Step up ring" -- but note they're typically "step up" and not "step down".  You'll get vignetting (dark areas around the edges and corners) if you try to use filter which is smaller than your lens' filter diameter.  Going larger typically isn't a problem.


So I'm not sure you'll find such a thing as a "58-55mm step down ring". 


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Your T3 uses the EF-S lens mount. What lens do you want to try?

It's a lens not a filter, and it's a smaller mount for my body.

I'm not home and don't remember exactly, it's a Canon telephoto lens with a 55 mount.

"55 mount" means nothing. If it is a Canon Lens for an SLR it is either an EF, EF-S EF-M or FD.

It sounds like its one of those auxilliary lens gadgets that advertise for telephoto. Basically a magnifying glass that screws on the front of a lens.


Quality generally  isn't very good from them, but since you already have it, Google "58-55mm step down ring"


B&H has them; can't link to it - against forum rules.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Ok I'll look when I get home and clarify...

It says 70-210 MACRO and attaches to a body with 55. I have pix if that would help.

@WanderinNomad wrote:
It says 70-210 MACRO and attaches to a body with 55. I have pix if that would help.

Hmm.  Does it have a make and model number?  It almost sounds like an old film lens from 30 years ago, or so, which means it is most likely not worth the time and effort to try to use it.

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