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Eos R5 Exposure simulation with Flash attached feature request.


Hi, just a R5 feature request to be able to allocate a button to preview ambient exposure when a flash is attached to the hotshoe. My current workaround/hack is to enable Expo. simulation and assign DOF preview button to Cropping/aspect ratio, I can then press DOF twice to simulate ambient exposure then 1/2 press shutter button to return to the normal viewfinder when flash is attached. Would be better to just be able to select it once and use the shutter 1/2 press to go back. Unless I am missing something? T



I have searched everywhere for a solution for this, but nowhere to be found. It is annoying having to turn off the flash in order to see the exposure simulation (in order to expose for the ambient light,and then set flash power accordingly). It would be great if we could set a button to toggle to exposure simulation when the flash is on. Please Canon, this should be an easy fix.

If you are describing a button that can toggle ExpSim on and off, then that feature is already available.  Some photographers use a light meter to measure ambient light.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I dont want to use a light meter. I just want to be able to toggle to the exposure simulation when the flash is on. That is all. 


Thanks for the workaround hint, I just set it and it works. Would be good if Canon just gave us this option through a firmware update.