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Changing Exposure Settings at the press of a Button using “Register/Recall Shooting Func”


There was a recent post from a forum member wanting to change exposure, specifically exposure compensation, at the touch of a button.  And then reset that change with the touch of button.  

AFAIK, that is not quite possible on a Canon DSLR body.  But you can almost do it with a Canon MILC body.  One of the programmable functions available in bodies like the R3, R5, and R6 have is called.”Register/Recall Shooting Function”. It is the icon in the lower right corner.


The custom function is not well explained in the manual.  I figured out after a little trial and error  You can manually enter settings to be recalled.  OR, copy/register your current settings as the settings to be recalled.  The check marks allow you to select which settings will be recalled.


The only issue that some may find inconvenient is that you must press and maintain the button press to keep the recalled exposure settings active.  This could be a problem for those that use Back Button Focus.

There are literally dozens of custom functions that you can select.  Some are not hard to figure out, like exposure compensation.  Some of them require a little bit of trial and error.

I use Custom Shooting Modes for One Shot AF action photography and another for Servo AF action photography.  The settings use different AF modes, AF points, AF tracking, etc.  

Now I can switch between the two with the push of a button.  I really do not need to use the Custom Shooting Modes for that specific purpose.  BTW, the DOF preview button on the front of the camera body can also be programmed for this function.

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