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EOS rebel XT not taking pictures, says busy.


I run a computer repair business and a customer came in with his laptop and his camera, asking if I can do some maintenance on his laptop and if I can figure out why the camera stopped taking pictures. The laptop is obviously not going to be a problem, but as I told my customer, I have no experience with cameras, but he asked me to give it a shot anyway as there are no camera maintenance centers around here anywhere close. (rural Ecuador)

Camera info: Canon EOS rebel XT model #DS126071

So here I am, I checked this forum for similar errors with the same/similar model cameras and did find a few that mentioned checking the lens contacts, checking if manual focus works and testing each type of auto focus to see what does and what does not work.

Contacts are now clean as a whistle after using a bit of anhydrous alcohol on a microfiber cloth, still not taking pictures in AF.

Manual focus: no issue, takes pictures.

Auto focus "one shot": indicates busy, won't take pictures.

Auto focus "AI focus": indicates busy, won't take pictures.

Auto focus "AI servo": no issue, takes pictures.

Using the MF/AF switch on the side of the lens, it will switch from af to mf and allows to take pictures, but if I then switch it back to af, the camera will not return to af mode until i turn the camera off and back on again.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this myself, or will I have to tell my customer to get in touch with canon to get his lens checked?

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