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EOS T6 Trouble with bracketing


Hey! I have an EOS Rebel T6 and I'm trying to use exposure bracketing. I've looked through multiple manuals, have watched many instructional videos and asked people who have had more experience with cameras how to and everything I have tried, failed. I always end up with one very underexposed or overexposed, blurry picture and I followed every direction I was given. I would like to know if there's something I'm missing or if my camera could potentially have something wrong with it. 




With bracketing, you have to take three successive shots, one at a time, by pressing your shutter button three times. The camera takes one normal exposure, one slightly underexposed, and one slightly overexposed.

If you turn on your burst mode first, your camera will take three quick shots with one press of the shutter  button.

Steve Thomas

Place the camera on a tripod to keep the images well aligned.  I’m not sure what you mean by “burst” mode.  Continuous Drive Mode, instead of Single Shot?

If you use the shutter delay time, the camera will capture the entire bracketing sequence, even if the drive mode is set to Single Shot.  The camera will fire at its max fps..

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That might've been one part where I messed up, I didn't use a tripod or shutter delay time. Thank you for the advice! I'm gonna try this and see how it works! 

If you need to capture multiple sequences, then put the lens cap on the lens and take a single “blank” image between sequences!

[EDIT] A baseball cap or towel works, too.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I haven't thought of taking blank images in between, I'll try that and see what it can do. Thank you!

I saw that on a video once, then tried it and it still wasn't working out for me. I tried both setting my camera on continuous shooting and single shot. Thank you for the help!

Okay! I tried a few different methods that all pf you had suggested and finally got it to bracket! I put the camera on a tripod, went to the menu and went in the AEB settings, kept the middle at 0 and the other two lines about 3 ticks away from the middle, put the shutter timer on 2 sec, changed my ISO to fit the picture I was taking and pressed the shutter 3 times and it finally gave me 3 bracketed photos! Thank you for your advice!

@K-Emery wrote:

"and pressed the shutter 3 times and it finally gave me 3 bracketed photos!"

Although you can press three times, you shouldn't have to.

Here is page 119 from your T6 users manual. You may also want to visit page 118.

AEB T6-2.jpg


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" I always end up with one very underexposed or overexposed, blurry picture ..."


The two conditions are not related. The under, correct and over exposure is correct. That's how it is supposed to work. You then merge the three photos into one HDR image. BTW, three shots is not the only number of photos you can make using this method. I have used five and seven at times.

The blurry shots are a different matter. You need to find out what it could be OOF, too slow shutter, missed focus, etc, whatever.

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