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EOS Rebel T7 Instruction Manuals


I was able to download the manuals for the Camera Instruction Manual, and Wireless Function Instruction manual. But I am not seeing these 3 manuals in the EOS Rebel T7 Camera section of the downloads.

So I am not seeing the manuals for: 

----Camera and Wireless Function Basic Instruction Manual;

----Lens Instruction Manual

----Software Instruction Manual

Unless I am completely losing my mind??

This is what it is telling me to download and print out(PDF)....

  • Camera Instruction Manual-----I got
  • Wireless Function Instruction Manual----I got
  • Camera and Wireless Function Basic Instruction Manual----??????
  • Lens Instruction Manuals----?????
  • Software Instruction Manuals-----??????


I would appreciate any help you can give to me. Thank you....




Software instruction manuals are available on the Manuals page:


Screenshot 2022-12-25 064647.jpg

Lens manuals are available on the individual support page for each lens.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Rising Star


I doubt you will find a Lens Instruction Manual here. There are literally dozens and dozens of lenses to choose from.

It would be better to do a google search for the particular lens you are interested in using.

Where did it tell you to, "download and print" a pdf?

If you go to the Canon support page for the Canon EOS 1500D and click on Manuals, it has the Manuals for EOS UTILITY and Digital Photo Professional.

Steve Thomas


I downloaded the T7 manual and saved the PDF as a shortcut on my screen.  I pull it up to look up various features of the camera of which they are many. I didn't print it as it is over 300 pages!

Edit: I also downloaded it to my Android phone but not a easy to access the index and pages.

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