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EOS Rebel T6 vs PowerShot SX50 HS


Hi, All, I think I goofed. I had a Canon Powershot but it had only a 50X optical zoom, and I needed something with greater magnification (but still simple to use) for bird photography.


So over Black Friday (November 2018), I took advantage of all the sales on the EOS Rebel with the 135 mm zoom telephoto lens. Now, it seems the old Powershot gives me more telephoto power than the new Rebel!  To make matters worse, the Rebel T6 zoom lens does not have image stabilization which the old Powershot does have (and which I need).


Is a 50x optical zoom more powerful than a 135mm telephoto lens? 


Is there any advantage to having the Rebel T6 in addition to the Powershot SX50? Should I just try to get my money back for the EOS? Thank you for any information you can provide!




Excellent, thanks, ebiggs1, this is what I needed to know!

"Excellent, thanks, ebiggs1, this is what I needed to know!"


That is the jest of the story as I remember it.  It may not be pinpoint accurate but it is close. What's a few thousand bucks among friends?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!