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EOS Rebel T7 and PowerShot SX530HS not connecting to Android phone


I have no trouble connecting both phones to an old Android tablet with the old Camera Connect software.  The PowerShot will "connect" to the new Android phone with the new Camera Connect software, but the software doesn't respond except that it later offers to "Reconnect" to the PowerShot.  (Does anyone see a trend here?)  The only connection I really need is the connection from the EOS to the phone.  It actually works about 1 time in 10.  (Yes, I've tried it enough times to compile statistics.) I have no idea what's going right or wrong.  I tried all combinations of resetting, on/off, uninstall/reinstall software, etc...  The overriding message I get is that the word "upgrade" should always appear in quotes.  



So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know more information:
• What is the make/model of your device?
• What version of Android are you using?

Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue.

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PowerShot SX530HS serial number 

EOS Rebel T7 serial number 

Both are registered and I believe they both have original firmware.  

Samsung Galaxy S24 Hardware version 1.0 Knox version 3.10, API Level 37 ML 1.4 DualDAR1.6.0 HDM 2.0 - 1D

I had no problems with my old Samsung S8.  I no longer have it, so I can't give you the software data.  


Both cameras are out of warranty, and the problem is not hardware related, so I think the manual and the forum are my only support options.  (I checked.) 

Since you gave your serial numbers earlier in this thread (but I redacted them for your privacy), I was able to pull up your Canon Account. You are eligible for free phone support for both cameras, regardless of their warranty status. Support is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, Eastern Time, excluding holidays. You can verify this as well at 


“ (Does anyone see a trend here?)

Maybe.  But I might not be seeing things the same way you might be.  

First and foremost, the forums have had MANY members reporting issues with connecting to Android phones and devices since mid-December.  Apparently, Google released an update to the OS that has created problems for many users. The problems are not limited Canon.  Nikon and Sony users are experiencing similar connection issues.  Check for the latest phone updates.

Patterns?  Does your tablet have phone service?  I am beginning to notice that smart devices with phone service tend to drop their Wi-Fi connection to cameras, while devices without phone service do not drop their Wi-Fi connection to cameras.  That is the pattern that I have been seeing.

Does your phone automatically connect to networks that it recognizes?  If so, disable it.  That is probably the problem.  Your smart phone wants to always see the Internet, which it does not see when connected to your phone’s hotspot.  

The phones are probably dropping the connection to your [camera hotspot] and reconnecting to your phone service provider because it wants to always see the Internet.  Disable this phone setting that allows it to automatically reconnect to know networks.  Not only is it a security risk, it is the most likely cause for dropped connections.  

However, if you connect your phone and camera to a shared hotspot, which has an Internet connection, then I would expect this dropped camera connection to go away!

"The right mouse button is your friend."

OK... here's the solution (drum roll....)

Turn of the VPN!