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EOS Rebel T6 not connecting to Windows 10


Hiya! recently I've attempted to connect my Rebel T6 camera to my computer using the Mini USB to USB cord. Unfortunately, my computer didn't recognize my camera, even after installing new firmware for the camera, installing updated versions of EOS Cam utility, and all of the drivers etc. 

Still, my T6 camera doesn't connect, even after checking the batter charge, making sure I'm in movie mode, and making sure I turn the camera on, before plugging the usb cord to the back of my computer's motherboard. 

I've made sure my camera was compatible with the EOS Utility, it on the forums, my camera was listed as a compatible camera.


Heya! Thank you for replying! I plan on using my camera for streaming on discord, video production etc. 

And the cable question???

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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The article referred to does not give any "specific" cable requirement other than connectors. One end must be a USB-A connector to go to the computer. The other end is a USB mini-B, or a USB-C on the newer cameras.  This is all obvious. The wrong connector just doesn't connect.

I use some old USB cables that came with Canon pocket digital cameras, as well as other no-name cables. These are not even USB-3 rated. All work fine on my EOS Rebel T1i, 50D, 60D, and 6D, Powershot G5, G11, SX200.

It doesn't require EOS Utility or any other software for the computer to recognize the camera. Windows takes care of that. If your camera is not being recognized, you could have a bad USB port on it. Have you connected any other cameras to the computer to see what happens?