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EOS R7 Trouble with iPhone Wi-Fi Connection


I having issues connecting my EOS R7 to my iPhone canon connect app via WiFi. I will connect Bluetooth, but when i click to import photos and try to connect Wi-Fi it searches until it times out on the access point screen. 
Is anyone else dealing with this or dealt with it and fixed it? If so please help me out.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi OjRoyal,

When the Camera Connect App is searching for wifi are any error messages showing on either the camera or the phone? If there is an error message what does it say?

One thing to try would be to try connecting the camera and phone directly through wifi rather than using bluetooth. To do that:

1) Go to the wifi section of the Menu, select Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connection, and choose Connect to Smartphone

2) Next choose Add a Device to Connect To and then choose Do Not Display

3) Now choose Connect via Wi-Fi. When you do that the camera LCD should be showing an SSID and Password. Leave that screen on the camera. 

4) On your smartphone pull up nearby wifi networks, you'll see one that matches the SSID listed on the camera. Select that and when it asks for a password enter the Password listed on the back of the camera.

5) Once the phone is on the network open the Canon Camera Connect app. When you do it will show a prompt that it has detected a new camera.

6) In the prompt select the name of the camera and now on the back of the camera it will ask if you want to connect to the smart phone. Select Okay and the connection will be established.

In step 3 the Camera doesn‘t show any SSID but „search for access points“ and „searching…“. That is on the Display forever and nothing works anymore - i have to switch off the camera. Seems the WiFi doesn‘t work at all. What should i do?

I’m experiencing the same problem sometimes getting an err 70 when canceling the access point search