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EOS R7 Cable for Tethered Shooting


Hi, I recently got a Canon R7 for food photography. I need to shoot tethered but I can't figure out the right cable that will work. Is this an option with this camera? How can I view the images live from my computer as I shoot? Thank you! 



Need some additional info.  What type of computer and OS do you have?  What software are you using to shoot tethered?

Have you installed the regular EOS Utility and get it work properly?  I believe a USB Type C male to USB Type C male cable is what you need.  Depending on your computer, you may require a different cable.  Do not use any sort of USB port adapter.

You should be able use the EOS Utility to perform tethered shooting or Canon’s Digital Photo Professional 4 application.  

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Thanks so much! MacBook Air the 2020 M1 and its on Monterey 12.5.1. I haven't downloaded software yet for it though. Ideally I would use Lightroom. I'm doing food photography and want to be tethered to my Mac. Thanks for the call out on the USB port adapter. I do have one of those but I won't use it for this purpose. 

Do you think this would work?
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Thanks so much for the help! 

That cable would not work because it is charging cable, which means it lacks a sufficient number of wire conductors to transmit data.  You need a data cable.

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Noted, thank you!!


Canon : Compatible Accessories : Cables (

The Canon IFC-100U is pricey.

A generic USB 3.1 Gen 2 from Amazon should work. You want a data cable, not just a charging cable.


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Got it, thank you for clarifying! Very helpful

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