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EOS R7 Af not sticky


Hello all, first this is not a body bashing post the R7 is a nice step up from my 90D, but I am finding  the AF jumps around a lot with subject detect on. An example I was shooting my grandsons baseball game yesterday, I would lock on to the batter using bbf and then subject detect would jump to someone behind the backstop causing several misses . My settings are case two locked on switch subject 0 . I got around it by shutting subject detect off and just shooting single point but of course I would prefer the subject detect to work as advertised. Am I missing something in the settings? Oh I do have focus areas restricted to spot, single point and single with 4 helpers.



I don't have the R7, but I have the R5 and R6 and I use single point AF with subject tracking and BBF.  I find that having found the subject, the focus system stays locked fairly consistently.  You could try that, and I would also look at the focus tuning menu in the second set of menus and have a play with the scenarios.  There is a detailed explanation of this with Rudy Juliani at This Link that may help.

cheers, TREVOR

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