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EOS R50 External Mic Issues


Does anyone have any idea how to get the camera to recognize an external mic? I have the Rode VideoGo II with RODE Microphones SC2 3.5mm TRS Patch Cable. I've also tried a lav mic but neither seems to work properly with the camera.


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Is sound recording enabled (set to auto) in the menu? Does the internal microphone record ok?

Yes, to both questions. When I record with the mic the sound is the same quality as without the mic. I've tested the mic on other devices so I know it's functional. 

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So, it is recording sound with the external mic? If you are getting sound recorded with the external mic, what indicates to you that there is a problem?

If you are getting recorded sound, then the mic is enabled in the menu.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 222557.jpg

I don't see an audio setting option on the menu. Am I missing something?

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Screenshot 2023-08-10 223730.jpg

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I just looked up the Rode VideoGo II microphone. It requires the camera to supply power to the mic. I don't think that the camera supplies power to the external microphone. 

Edit: I did some research, and it appears that it does provide power.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 002445.jpg

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 The R50 seems like it does provide external microphone power, because the Canon DM-E100 external microphone is listed as a compatible accessory. This microphone requires external power to operate. Too bad the camera manual doesn't specify this information.

I would make sure that you are fully inserting the mic plug into the mic jack. On my 5D Mark IV camera, it is easy to think that it is fully plugged in, when it isn't.

I have confirmed it's plugged in completely. 



How are you using the camera?  I am using it as a webcam, via the USB-C connection.  I've been trying to use the internal microphone, and can't get that to work.  I see the levels on the flip screen, but no sound is being passed to OBS or the Windows Camera app.  I also have a Rode VideoMic Go II, and when I connect it to the camera via 3.5mm cable, it doesn't pass sound through either.  I am starting to think that the USB connection passes video only, and not sound.  

If you are trying to record internally to the camera, we have different problems.   But since we have the same microphones, I will test tomorrow to see if it records sound internally.

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