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EOS R5 Problem moving files from card to hard drive


I am using a Canon R5 (firmware 1.9), Delkin CFExpress 1TB card (from B and H), Delkin card reader, Macbook Air (M2 chip) running Monterey OS 12.6.   I can see the photo files and can work with them using DPP from the card.  Howev er, i would like to download the photos as a batch to the  external drive that I store them on.

I cannot move the files as a group to the external drive or to my primary macbook drive, although i can move each file individually (obviously niot workable given the number of pictures).  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi fanfamily,

Instead of using DPP to transfer the files, you could navigate to the card reader icon on your desktop, open the folder where your images are then press CMD + A to select all and CMD + C to copy them.

Then navigate to the location on your external drive where you'd like to paste the images and press CMD + V.

If you connect to the camera by USB with the card in it, you could use our EOS Utility program to do batch downloads. 


I would follow Nick's advice about using EOS utility and the camera's USB connection to transfer files.  The CF Express card interface is fairly robust but you do risk wear/bending to pins in the mating camera connector with frequent insertion/removal.  The USB connector is more mechanically robust.

I always use the ethernet port in my 1DX II and III series Canon bodies for file transfer via EOS utility leaving the very expensive cards in the camera where they belong.


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