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Can the EOS Rebel T7 add a time stamp?



Do you mean date/time stamping that appears on the photo? A T7 or T7i does not do this.

The only place date/time info appears is in the file's data properties. If the file is on a computer, right-click the file, select "Properties", then "Details" and you'll see all the data about how the picture was taken. Or simply look at the file's date on your operating system's file manager display if that's all you want to know..

Can this info be put on picture 

Hello terrybrannon,

This can be done with software after the fact as long as the image has not been edited as editing and re-saving it will remove the EXIF data all together. This means that date/time information will no longer be present among other camera settings used at the time of shooting.


I believe most or all Canon DSLRs don't have a provision for imprinting a time or date stamp directly on your photos. It was a common feature at one time on many of the lower end point & shoot models but I think that this option has even been dropped on them in recent years. The date and time info however is still available in the EXIF data attached to all your image files. And there may be some third-party apps available for downloading that would allow you to add the date and time to the face of your pictures.