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EOS R5 How to Keep Viewfinder On


Hi Lotus, I have a problem that has baffled all the canon guys. I am a sports photographer. I use the R5 on manual most of the time with a 400 2.8 or 600 f.4   While I am  shooting, I generally take my eye off the viewfinder to watch the field and see where the ball is going.  When I take my eye off the viewfinder the screen inside the viewfinder  goes black and does not come on until my eye is once again on the viewfinder. Not only is very distracting, but at 20 fps I am missing what is usually the best shot of the series because the viewfinder did not allow me to see the image until later in the play. I have spent hours with CANON and the best they can do is tell me they will throw it around and call me if they come up with an answer. can you help me ? james



Have you tried to keep your thumb over the eyepiece?


Well, as an interim measure could you place a piece of black tape over the face sensor, located just below the EV itself? 

cheers, TREVOR

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Some discussion here:

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The EVF of our R5 and R6 come on just before my eye gets there, it's instantaneous with no lag, so I'm not getting "blackout". Are you on f/w 1.6.0?

Look in the (yellow) wrench 3 menu, item "Screen/viewfinder display" and see if any of those selections help. I use "Auto 2" and my wife likes "Auto 1", but you can also select just the screen or just EVF. EVF is ok, but you have to use it for everything, even shot previews. Some folks like that, and TBH, it's not bad and the image looks pretty good, I'm just used to using the rear LCD when I do preview. If none of this helps, you can tap the shutter button from time to time to keep the EVF alive, I know, not ideal, but a work around.

BTW, all of my glass is RF. Not sure that makes a difference.


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