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EOS R Keeps Freezing!!


I purchased my EOS R back in October of 2018 from a local camera shop. Up until recently, my EOS R had been working perfectly. Recently, I started having an issue where my EOS R will freeze while using the camera. I have had the issue multiple times, and the only way I am able to get the camera to work again is by removing the battery and waiting a few seconds before inserting it again. When the camera is frozen, none of the buttons will work, and the on/off switch will not turn off the camera. The camera has the latest firmware installed (1.2.0). I am also using the lens that came with the camera (24-105 f/4 RF). The lens also has the latest firmware installed (2.0.0). I have tried using multiple batteries (Canon brand) as well as multiple memory cards, with no luck.



Hi Hillimonk 

I bought this model 12-21-2023. Same problem. No resolve. Did get a new camera from canon? I unfortunately bought from unauthorized dealer. Returning it. They think they can fix it. Not!! What’s your resolve please? 

Tried firmware update but that didn't fix it. Freezes more often when shooting events in low light with external flash.

Saw other forum say it's because of slow speed sd card being used. Write time delay it's what freezing it. I did change sd card and haven't noticed it freeze up but honestly I haven't tested in another low light event to say if that was truly my problem, as now I'm more shooting landscapes. 

Hello 1ncog welcome to the forums. To prevent confusion between forum members and the OP can you please make a new thread. This also helps people notice your problems that your dealing with. Since this is an old thread people may not notice that it has any new activity.


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Please follow Demetrius' suggestion.  Start your own threads.  Its difficult to provide help when each of you has different hardware, lenses, memory cards, firmware versions, etc.  Having the same camera body is the only similarity.  The root cause could be different for each of you. 😎

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but the issue is the same, it freezes irrespective of the card or the firmware version. Its an issue with the camera buffer, i gave up on it


To me, the behavior sounds like your camera is overheating. I realize that you may not be getting an overheating warning, but at least, that's what it sounds like.

Steve Thomas