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EOS 250D LCD screen glitching


Its been quiet a time since my CANON 250D camera's screen started glitching. Glitching in a sense that sometimes it doesn't shows anything in the display, completely black but when I turn the camera off it shows sensor cleaning message. Its like the the display is not damaged but also not working. I tried pressing live view button but still it doesn't works. I have to half press the shutter button several times, sometimes even more times and then it shows up in display. I don't know what's the problem but I am quiet tensed and need help please?!🙃



Assuming the battery is fully charged and in good shape, start by removing the lens and card from the camera.  Turn it on and see if the behavior persists.  Following this, you can perform a full settings reset and again, retest.  

The last thing to try would be moving the articulating screen in out from the body and tilting it.  You are checking to see if it works when positioned at different angles.  If the behavior continues, I'd contact Canon and see about sending it in for evaluation.  The camera was released in 2019, you should have no issues getting it serviced if necessary.

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