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EOS M6 Mark II Touch shutter doesn't shoot all three exposures with AEB


OK, so I set up AEB, press the touch screen and it only shoots one exposure at a time. It doesn't matter what drive mode I am in. Is this how it is supposed to work or am I doing something wrong?

I have an M3 and it will shoot all three exposures regardless of what mode I am in.  

And, yes, I know I can set a 2 sec timer and it will work that way, but this is not always an acceptable solution. Neither is using an app.



I own an M3.  What you describe is not how it works.  In order to get an automatic bracketed sequence I have to use the Shutter Delay Timer.  You also have to set the camera to continuous shooting mode.  

This is how all of my Canon camera bodies behave.  I have owned a few of them.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

As I said, I have an M3. I looked at the settings prior to writing my post and just did it again to confirm that it does, indeed, fire all three, bracketed exposures while the drive mode is in Single Shooting when using the touch screen. I use this feature constantly in my shooting. My M3 is in AEB more often than not and has been in Single Shooting mode so long I had to look for the place on the screen where one changes it.

There must be another setting at play here.  The behavior you are describing means the camera will always automatically fire the entire bracket.  I find this type behavior is highly undesirable.  I can capture a bracketed sequence one image at a time, or the entire sequence automatically.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Do you have the M6? And do you mean the Automatic Exposure Bracketing or the HDR function?


I have a T8i. The only way I know how to do this (aside from continuous shooting) is to put my camera in a Special Scene mode (SCN) called HDR Backlight Control Mode. Here's what the Manual says,

HDR.jpg      Steve Thomas

Thank you, I do appreciate the response. However, I want 3 (or more) separate exposures. I want as much creative control as possible in my final image.

You need to read the advanced manual. the T8i has AEB, too, and it appears that it automagically takes the three images:


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