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EOS M50 repair estimate - Whether or not to proceed


Hey all, so recently I just sent my camera in (Canon m50) to be repaired because for some reason, whenever I shoot, the camera keeps giving me an error 70 message. To be honest, I have had this camera for at least 4 years however, it wasn't until recently like a year ago, I decided to start shooting again. I noticed that this error message didn't pop up until I attached a 3rd party adapter to it (viltrox speed booster). Sucks because I have never honestly used the camera to its full potential. I have tried finding articles or things relating to this problem but have had no luck. Nevertheless, I heard alot of good things about canons factory repair. Fast forward, I sent in my camera 3 days ago and received an estimate back. The estimate to fix the problem is around $250. When I bought my camera, it cost me around $800, this is not including the 2 lenses ,the speed booster, and the gimbal I bought which rounds it to about $1,200. Should I continue with the repairs or should I just part it out or get another camera. I am stuck and don't know what to do. I've honestly been trying to shoot and get more experience but now I am stuck with a set back. Money is a factor since I am a college student and dont make alot of money. I want to know your guys opinions and what I should do or what is best? Is there a chance If I continue with the repairs that the problem can happen again?



Without knowing what lenses you are using and a budget, I’d guess your best path forward is to repair the old camera.  You’re invested in a gimbal that fits that body.  The repair cost is much lower than what I might have expected.  Sounds like they’re doing it at cost, if not less.

BTW, do not use the speed booster or any thing other than a basic mount adapter.

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You think the speedbooster could be the culprit of the problem? I know that before I ever bought this speed booster, this problem didn't happen at all. After I attached it to the camera with other lenses, the problem started occuring. Even with a kit lens and no speed booster the error message would still pop up.

Yes.  I suspect the speedbooster is the culprit.  Never use it again.  So sorry.

[EDIT] I know how this might sound, but it is true.  If Canon did not make the camera accessory, then it is best to avoid it.  You run the risk of the gear not being fully compatible at best, or damaging your gear at worst.

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Out of curiosity, what did they report as the problem?

Agree with Waddizzle, go for the repair.  The cost to replace with something + lenses will far exceed the repair estimate you received.  You're somewhat invested with the existing gear and are not in a position to replace or upgrade anyway. 

The camera is useless to you or anyone else "broken" so it makes sense to fix it at $250.  

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Canons description of problems/symptoms: Battery pack, EF-M 15-45mm lens with front cap. Error, Image Malfunction. Internal components require inspection to ensure proper working order and to achieve factory specifications. This is a flat rate repair; parts included in the price. Estimate reflects clean and check of all functions. Please respond to estimate. Eye cup SD card (64GB).

This is what they said in the message. Also, will Canon guarantee me a warranty period if I go through with the repair? If so how long more or less?

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