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EOS M50 out of focus


here wo go again (((((( I have an issue with my m50. i made a studio shoot with sigma 18-35 with original canon adapter (manual mode iso100 1/200 f2.5) with narural light, and i noticed that raws miss detalization and they are back focused (((( Leens have been tested on many bodies and it works fine. Canon DPP show focus point on face. What is the problem can be? Why only on my m50 this lens have  strong back focus ?


Jpeg with exifJpeg with exif



What AF settings are you using on the camera, and are you recomposing?

I downloaded your larger image and it has been edited, so I cannot read the detailed camera settings using Canon DPP software. Here's an example of the detailed settings I can see for an EOS M50 Mk2 JPG image straight from the camera.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 19.27.44.jpg

This is what I see from your image.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 19.30.48.jpg

If you can give us a screenshot like this from your image then it makes it easier to help you.

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So io can give screen shot but ur dont understand bacause it on my native language and i dont know how to make it english. but a can tell the what is the af settings (AF.mode one shot, Face detecting + Tracking AF, continuous AF - enabled)



can i upload raw image somwhere  because i shoot only raw and no have jpg from camera ?

You could upload to Google drive, MS one drive, Dropbox and share a link to the file. 

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Thanks for the RAW file NickSlav, and to zakslm and Trevor for the decoded info.

I don't see anything in the EXIF that would point to a camera settings error. I have two thoughts;

  1. Maybe the camera and lens don't work together well. Even though the lens works well on other bodies, maybe there is some body specific issue with this combination. 
  2. With the camera set for one-shot AF and the AF area set to Face detection + Tracking AF it is possible that the model or camera moved after the AF locked, but usually I'd expect to see much less of a focus difference. 
  3. Turn off preview AF, it might be called continuous AF in the camera menu. 

I'd advise the following steps. First check the camera with other lenses - particularly Canon lenses if possible. Does it work consistently and achieve focus. If so this could indicate the lens is the problem in this combination of camera and lens. Secondly I would try to use servo AF not one shot. With the camera set for face detection + tracking AF, servo AF will keep focussing right up until the shutter releases, and will also move the AF point to keep it on the face even if you recompose the frame. I've found that this gives me consistently focused results with mirrorless cameras.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author

Brian, I am with you.  My first reaction was to wonder if native lenses are working with the body, what adapter is in use and despite the lens working with other cameras, that does not guarantee it will work with this configuration.
In that respect, Canon cannot help, as they don't support 3rd-party lenses.
While I differ from you in my technique, which really is fine as there are many ways in which one can work, I will say that one needs to be careful in using a balance of features appropriate for the purpose at hand.

cheers, TREVOR

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Adapter is from CANON not third party, native lenses works well 

Thanks for your response Nick: and apologies for missing that in your original post.

If the lens you are using is the 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art model, which is an 11 year-old unit, then my suspicions are going in the direction that this lens may not be as compatible to the M50 as your other optics.  Again, it does not necessarily mean it is a complete mismatch, but you may not perform 100% as you might want it to. Have you checked with the Sigma folks to see if they have had similar issues reported with this model of camera? 

I checked with the Sigma website and this lens is not listed as being compatible with the M50.
Camera Compatibility | Support | SIGMA Corporation ( Now, this very short list may simply be an indicator that they just didn't test it - there are a lot of possible permutations here, but it does not mean that one can take it for granted that the lens does work either.


Leaving that aside, you could try some experiments...

Simply set your camera up to the default settings, and try shooting in a similar situation with it in different modes to see if there is some setting that is throwing it off.
Another thing to consider is find another M50 and see if you have the same experience - this to see if it is specific to this camera.

cheers, TREVOR

"The Amount of Misery expands to fill the space available"
"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris