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EOS M50 Mark II Things on the screen sometimes disappear when i'm filming.


I assume this happens when my camera is on and in my backpack wrapped into a scarf, but sometimes I can't change the iso, or whatever those 3 sets of numbers are. How to locate them again. Also what are those numbers called? Sorry I sound so dumb but i am but only a novice. 



What camera do you have first of all. You can always hit the info button to bring it back up.


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canon m50 mark ii.  I want to change the it at will while i'm shooting video. but sometimes i can't. Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 2.16.26 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-05-26 at 2.16.39 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-05-26 at 2.16.48 PM.png

It looks like you have dialed in -3 exposure compensation. Is that deliberate?

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ignore the -3, i'm talking about the other numbers. how to use them at will? why do they dissapear? how do I find them when they dissapear? 


Use the power switch to turn it off before you store it in a bag. 

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Do you know mode you are in when shooting your video?

If your main dial mode is pointed at the green A symbol, it means that your camera is in Auto mode, and the camera is making all the decisions for you. You won't be able to change any of the settings.

Do you know what frame rate you are shooting at? Is it 24fps, or 24 frames per second? Or is it 30fps, or 30 frames per second?

The reason I ask is, depending on your frame rate, you want to put your camera in Manual Mode and pick a shutter speed that is 2X, or two times your frame rate.

You can put your camera in Av or aperture priority mode, and the camera will select the proper shutter speed for you.  f/5.6 is a good aperture. It will help you isolate your subject to some extent. 

I am a little curious about the -3 in the middle of your screen. If I didn't know better, I'd almost say you have 3 stops of negative exposure compensation going on, which would mean your videos are going to turn out very, very dark. 

Do you know what that -3 is?

Steve Thomas


ignore the -3, i'm talking about the other numbers. how to use them at will? why do they disappear? how do I find them when they disappear? 


Every camera is a little different, but the basics are still the same, I think. Here is what I would do on my camera:

Put your camera in regular still photo shooting mode, not video,

Turn your shooting mode dial  to M for Manual. Hit the Set button to lock that in place.

Flip your camera over to video.

Hit the Q button, or Quick Control button on the back of the camera.

You see those numbers show up on the bottom of your screen. On my camera, you adjust the shutter speed by turning the main control ring on the top of the camera.

You adjust the aperture by turning the secondary control ring on the back of the camera.

My ISO settings have their own little button on the top marked ISO.

When you are done adjusting your settings, hit the Q button again to get out of the Quick Control adjustments.

It's possible that when you are storing your camera away, you are accidentally moving the shooting lever off M (or manual) to A (or automatic). In the A shooting mode, you won't see any of those shutter speed or aperture settings and can't make any changes.

Steve Thomas



Sorry, but we can't ignore the -3 EV.  🫣  As an admitted novice, please take the suggestions of my colleagues which are ment to help you.  

*Please start by downloading a copy of your manual and read it.  Cover to cover.  It doesn't matter how long you've been taking pictures, you will learn things about your camera.  It will also help you become more proficient navigating menus and controlling various shooting scenarios.  

*Please do not store/carry the camera in a backpack turned on.  This is a sure fire way to lose control of your settings.  

*The shooting mode you chose affects the settings you are able to control.  

I assure you this will garner new found appreciation for your camera and the enjoyment it gives you.  

M50 mkII User Guide

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