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Canon R6 limit 30 minutes video recording


Hello everyone. I have problems with the 30 minute recording limit on the Canon R6, I am dedicated to filming video and this problem really drives me crazy, does anyone of you know how to solve this problem, or will a future update be possible that solves this problem?

Thank you.




Use an external recorder connected to the HDMI output.  You will also need an external microphone that is also connected to the external recorder.

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Thanks, do you know or have you used an Intervalometer with the Canon R6 and how functional it is for recording video?


I appreciate your response, however it is not practical for my problem.It would be better and cheaper to buy the mark ii, i hope a new firmware comes out soon. Thank you.

To be honest, I would not hold your breath waiting for a firmware update for this issue.  Now that the R6II is out, that is getting the firmware updates for functionality.  You might see firmware updates for a technical design or manufacturing flaw for the R6, but by now, four years after launch, any such issues will have pretty much long since been ironed out.

Most OEMs don't consider limitations caused by intentional design to be a flaw in that context.

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R6 & R5 are limited to 30 minutes recording time. There’s an additional import tax to pay in some countries for devices that record more than 30 minutes, firmware won’t come out to remove that limit. 
R6 Mark II doesn’t have the limitation 

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