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EOS M50 Mark II Shiny artwork - what settings?


I have the EOS M50 mark 2.  I need to photograph artwork with a lot of glitter, shine, and hightlights.

What manual settings will help pick up this detail?  Samples below are resin painting photographed with an iPhone 11 Max.


Each sample has a lot more shiny detail that doesn't show in these images





When I take pictures of artwork I use two Speedlites 45 degrees from the artwork to get rid of reflections. Then I use a Spydercheckr to get the colours right.

Rising Star
Rising Star

One thing I've found with the M50 that I didn't experience with lower-resolution cameras is that it can pick up a lot of detail that isn't visible unless you zoom in/crop the photo. I love it when I take a photo and can then zoom in and see details in it that I couldn't see with the naked eye. However, this also means that if you want to see those details in a final product, such as a print, that product has to be rendered at a high enough resolution to see them. For instance, if you're displaying an uncropped photo from an M50 on a computer/TV screen at 1080p (1920x1080), you actually need *9* such screens arranged in a 3x3 grid to see all of the detail in the photo. Even with 4K screens you'd need 4 of them arranged 2x2 to render the whole photo in full detail. Likewise, if you're making a 4x6 print, it will need to have a resolution of 1000dpi to render all of the detail that might be present in the photo, though most modern photo printers seem to be able to do that (e.g. A $200 Canon PIXMA TS9521C can do up to 4800x1200dpi in color).

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II