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EOS M3 Help needed for downloading images


I've never felt this frustrated in my 30 years of life.

I just cannot seem to find a way to download images from my EOS M3 to my MacBook. I've always downloaded images to my iPhone through Camera Connect, but I'm currently without a phone and I desperately need to access images.

Because it is the first time I am trying to download images into my computer (Mac), I've read I need to connect my camera to my computer through cable, and get Image Capture app running first (+ set to specific settings). But Image Capture is not recognizing my camera, no matter what I do.

I've tried everything mentioned in previous blogs: changing usb cables, deleting and downloading again EOS Utility, closing all apps, turning Wifi off in camera, etc. etc. And now it is just driving me crazy.

Please help - what am I doing wrong? How can I get Image Capture and/or EOS Utility to recognize my camera and be able to download my pictures?




I have a couple of suggestions, and I'll let you know right off the bat that these are general suggestions, because I'm not familiar with the M3, or Macs.

1) I read a little that M3's use a memory card. In the short term, until you can get the cable thing figured out, do you have a memory card reader?,

You could pop the card out of your camera, put it in the reader, and transfer your photos that way.  I'm assuming your MacBook has a USB port?

2) Your manual should have a recommendation on what USB  cable to use. I always try to use the cables Canon recommends for the specific camera model in question.

3) Have you gone to the Canon Support page and downloaded the version of EOS Utility specific to your M3? If you have EOS Utility, I don't think you need Image Capture. EOS Utility handles the download process for you. It's possible that the two programs are conflicting with each other.

PS: Do MacBooks have a memory card slot? If so, you wouldn't need a separate reader, per se.

Steve Thomas