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EOS 90D save me from buyer's remorse!


Hello Canon Community, I recently upgraded to a Canon EOS 90D, after I found it on several lists searching for the best camera for capturing fine art in the studio for print reproduction and archiving. I got a good deal with the EFS 18-55mm lens included and also purchased an EF 50mm 1:1.8 STM. I've really loved the images and ease of use.

I have found it kind of difficult to find other lenses and guidance on which lenses actually fit. I purchased an EF-M 28mm 1:3.5 and had no indications or warnings that it wouldn't fit my camera. Here I thought the EF vs RF education was sufficient...There's also an M to worry about?? why canon, why? My Dad over here bragging about his Nikon still using lenses from 40 years ago, the mounts never change.

When I came here to look up support, maybe find out if this EFM has an adaptor to my 90D, I found expert advice regarding the discontinuation of my DSLR kit and lenses. This poster said the R7 would have been the better upgrade with a better sensor, and more upgrades and lenses still to come. (especially for someone starting from the ground floor) Was this comment correct?

I thought the 90D has the bigger, better sensor than the R7 am I wrong?

Should I be seeking a way to swap my 90D for the R7?

Can I get a macro lens similar to the EF-M 28mm with the built in ring light for the 90D?

I also am trying to find an affordable telephoto lens, like the RF 100-400mm (is there something similar in EF?) I found the Sigma 150-600mm but $800 is pushing my budget.

where can I find a list and best uses for lenses compatible with my 90D so I don't feel like I just dumped a bunch of money into obsolete tech?



Canon specifications clearly describe lens compatibility for the 90D. Your user manual will show this information as well.


If you feel you got a fair deal and the 90D otherwise meets your requirements I'd say keep it and go shopping for EF or EF-S lenses.

Canon also offers some refurbished lenses at reduced prices with the same warranty as new. But the selection can be limited, as can the availability, so you may have to check back frequently and order quickly before some models sell out. I'd say the 90D is far from obsolete technology.

Thank you, I should have consulted that manual instead of googling EF vs RF.


Your 90D, being a crop-sensor DSLR model, can use ANY EF or EF-S lens ever made. Full-frame EOS DSLRs, and film, cameras can only use EF. It's that simple. Cannot use EF-M or any other lens not EF or EF-S. No adapters to do it. Nothing.

If you don't think Nikon's lens system became complicated years ago, you haven't paid attention.

I guess the EF and EFS compatibility made me assume that EFM was still in the same class. That's on Canon in my opinion.


Here is one source providing a comparison.

Canon EOS R7 vs EOS 90D | Digital Camera World

If an $800 additional lens is pushing your budget then you may have a problem changing cameras. Based on the higher price for the R7 new vs new, and the lower price you will be getting for your 90D a swap would probably eat up most if not all of the $800, and you would still have the same two lenses..

Study the various comparisons and decide how important any differences are.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic