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EOS 80D Making Pics Pop


Um hello there, im new and i dont really have an idea where i can post this. If this is the wrong place i deeply apologize for the inconvinience. 


I do amateur Equine Photography and lately ive been obsessed with trying to make my pictures better. I currently own a Canon 80D and have been using a Canon Ef 70-200mm f/4l lens. My question is, is there a certain setting in which i can make my pics "pop"? For example this is a fellow photographers shot. See how the horse and person have kinda "pop at you" look? received_181787937056598.jpeg


Heres one of mine




Is it a setting that makes pictures look like that, or is it the way its edited? This is all confusing so i deeply apologize and im sorry if this is the wrong place to post. But if someone could give me pointers id deeply aprecciate it. Thank you





Suggest you shoot RAW or RAW+JPG


Download Digital Photo Professional.  Its free.


Support | DSLR | EOS 80D | Canon USA


Windows download here:


Pop you might be looking for.  






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To be honest your shot loks much more natural. The other one has had the colour saturation increased to such an extent that it looks awful, but hey it's your camera and if you want oversaturated colours in your shots then just increase the colour saturation control in the menu.

I agree with Ray about the over-saturated colors, those are WAY overdone in my opinion and look terrible.


With sports, the "pop" often comes from using a distance/focal length/aperture setup to create a very shallow depth of field so that the subject stands out from the o-o-f background.


This was shot with a 1DX II with EF 200 f2 wide open fairly close to the free throw shooter.  For football and soccer, I usually have a 400 f2.8 on the main body for the same reason.





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