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EOS 800D S-RAW files won't work with Adobe Lightroom denoise feature


Some RAW files from my EOS 800 don't work with Lightroom Classic denoise feature.  What I found in Lightroom is that denoise doesn't work with Canon S-RAW file types.  Here's the adobe website.

Unsupported file formats for Raw Details

Raw Details does not apply to the following types of source images:

  • Non-raw files such as a JPEGs, TIFFs, and HEICs
  • Apple ProRaw DNGs
  • Linear DNGs (including HDR and pano DNG images previously created inside Lightroom and Camera Raw)
  • DNG proxies and Smart Previews
  • Monochrome raw files (such as Leica M MONOCHROM)
  • Four-color cameras
  • Foveon sensor images
  • Fujifilm cameras with SR, EXR, or 2x4 mosaic sensors.
  • Canon S-RAW/M-RAW files
  • Nikon small raw files

I had to go to Rawdigger to find out the files were S-RAW.  Where does this get set in the menus?  Mosaic Data shows as YES when I check the metadata on the DNG file.  

Image quality was set to RAW.  Here's another reference I used to try to figure this out:

Thanks for anyone's help.



I uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom, and I can now use the denoise feature.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to look at this.  Not my idea of how to solve things, and no explanation for what exactly went wrong with Lightroom, but that part is done.  

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sRAW and mRAW are not raw files, even if they are CR2 files.

I get that's why the files are not working with Lightroom denoise feature.  What I don't get is where in the menu is that set, and how do I get back to straight RAW?  


Assuming you have an 800D, you cannot set SRaw for that camera.

You are correct. I had to download the manual.

Is it a 800D?

It is an 800D.  So if I can't set it, what is Lightroom complaining about?  Mosaic = yes, so it should be a full file.

That's interesting, because Dawdigger says the file is an SRAW.  If I can't set it, what is going on?

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.51.45 PM.png

Share a CR2 file. Use a filehost. I am awake five more minutes.

That is RAW, yes.

I am not a Lightroom user so some of the others may be able to answer your other question.

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