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DPP4 Fast Pre-burst post processing is seriously flawed


DPP4 Fast Burst Tool needs improvement

I recently returned from a four day birding expedition. I used the new 200-800mm lens on the R5 and the 24-240 lens on the R7. The new pre-shooting feature is awesome!  But the Canon post processing support is dismal.

It makes sense that many images would be stored in one large file in the camera. Time is saved by not needing to open a new file on the CF card. The challenge occurs with DPP4.

The challenges with the "Fast Burst Tool":

1 Need to extract a range of images.

The images are extracted one at a time. While there is a windows macro available on line it is kludgey. It would be better to have an option to extract a range of images.

2 Need to embed low resolution jpg for alternate review, the first or representative picture

I notice that Windows 11 can view the files but none of the adobe viewers (Bridge, Lightroom) can see the file images. What's with that?

3 Need to scroll through images without opening the Fast Burst tool

And scrolling through images on the Fast Burst Tool is not smooth. It doesn't seem the Cuda Cores in the graphics card are activated.

4 Single images should not have the Bulk File icon

That way it would be easier to identify which images need to be moved to another folder. Now I use Bridge to identify solo files.

5 The Fast Burst Tool has memory leaks eventually referencing forbidden memory after reviewing several bursts and crashes DPP4.

In closing, the Canon implementation of the pre-burst feature on the R7 is awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing in on the R5 Mii.

But the Canon post processing support is seriously flawed. Canon makes money on hardware. Software is a support function. The Canon Fast Burst feature is seriously crippled with the post processing support. I would like either for all images to be written individually to the CF card or a command line utility to extract all the files at once.

Canon software objective should be to make it easy to use new Canon features. I use Photo Mechanic to cull the images and, mostly, Adobe products to process the images. There is no reason for Canon to attempt to recreate software that already exists with other vendors. Let the vendors who make money with software do that.

The Canon DPP4 Fast Burst Tool is missing all objectives.





I would like to see the ability to extract a range of images to individual CR3 files. The current range extraction capability extracts a section of the RAW burst image and saves it as a new RAW burst image with that range. So if I have an initial image with say 85 frames in it, I can choose to extract from 5 to 25, but I get a single file containing those frames only, not the individual frames. 

Lastly I have often found it faster to extract single RAW files using the on-camera extraction and save them as new images on the card. Once extracted they work in most applications that can handle the camera's regular RAW images.


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