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EOS 6D - Worth the toys or save up for 5d MKIII?


There are lots of things I like about the upcoming EOS 6D, but there are also a few things that I don't like so much.


I like: 

  • Full frame
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi smartphone interface
  • GPS
  • HDR (maybe?)

I don't like:

  • Severe lack in AF points
  • Memory card lacking CF
  • 97% Viewfinder

The price difference is the killer, but maybe it's worth it in the long run. 


Is anyone planning to get the 6D, or specifically NOT going to get it for some reason?

I agree with BrickR "Canon had a chance...."


I wanted the 6D but held off just because of one single feature missing that is important to me, the swivel screen. The 60D with magic lantern stays for now and may be a lot longer if Canon does what it kept on doing just like what BrickR said "top worrying about stealing sales from other bodies..".

Well, I'm wishing it will be affordable when it comes out. This will be a good update to my 550D and will compliment my 7D. Most likely though I will have to wait until a year for the prices to normalize.

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I have a 5D III, I managed to get it used... Yes a buddy was into wildlife, and the 5DIII didn't meet his demands. So he sold it. I managed to buy it. Love it. I'd not change it... But I do like that the 6D has the wifi, and gps built in. I got the gps unit for the 5d, but I have to remember to put it on the camera, and also to turn it on. Sometimes I forget one or other. As for wifi, it would be nice, but not something I'll go crazy over. I intend to keep my 5DIII for a very long time. 


I think the best thing is to weigh up whether the 5D or 6D is best for your usage. I also have a 60D for backup, but since getting the 5D I haven't used the 60D, so I have been letting my daughter use it.


IMHO...almost the same as the 5D III except for focus and a few other odds and ends...better in ISO than the 5DII Better in Focus then the 5DII, I just dont like the rear control layout...Its ISO capability almost had me waiting for December but I got a killer deal on a new 5DIII at Adorama for $2,749... cant pass that up...

I'm sure others have probably said the same thing but it all depends on what you shoot and what you want out of a camera. For me I just made the decision to go from my beloved 7D to the 5D III mostly because of the AMAZING autofocus and I ask my camera to do a little bit of everything from BIF to sports to long dragging shutter water falls and landscapes. All that I'm trying to say is that the "toys" of the 6D did not really interest ME as much as the do all abilities of the 5D III.

@Shotsy wrote:
For me I just made the decision to go from my beloved 7D to the 5D III mostly because of the AMAZING autofocus

Before making any decisions, I'd advise potential customers to check out many reports of problems to achieve low light af lock with the 5d3, and adding a flash with af assist beam doesn't help because it introduces such a lag that it's is a regression even from the 5d2 or 7d. It's still not 100% certain what lens/camera setting combinations trigger or avoid this problem, but it's a serious issue for some event/club or wedding photos. See here:


The "fix" for these problems (except if Canon releases a new firmware) might be the 6d with a larger and thus more sensitive center af point. Considering the 6d will be a lot cheaper, have a more sensitive center af and probably better higer iso (larger pixels because of less resolution) personally I'm waiting for the first "real" 6d reviews.

After being a professional for 19 years, I have developed a system for deciding when to upgrade. The first is that I have to acknowledge that I am a gearaholic. "Hi, my name is Cory and I can't go a day without doing some sort of camera gear research!" Then, when a new on comes out I have to admit that cameras are just tools. Amazing, awesome, cool, fun and lustworthy tools, but just tools. 


With that in mind, how do you plan to use the camera? What is the reason you want to upgrade? What bothers you about your current camera that makes you need a new one? 


How does the 6D fulfill the needs/wants/desires that your current camera does not? How does the 5D3?


I have a 5D3 and a pair of 5D classics. I skipped the 5D2. I will be picking up either another 6D or, more likely, another 5D3. To me, the 5D3 is the camera that I have always wanted. Amazing AF, image quality and handling in a smaller body than the 1 series. 🙂

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Good thoughts. I'm a gear-a-holic, too.


I'm upgrading from a 30D. Just time to get back in the game. I shoot pretty much anything except people at this point, but with the right glass I might start shoot people as well.

Like the gps, wi-fi, smartphone app, hdr, etc. Seems to fulfill all of my needs. Not too impressed with the button layout. Maybe if the 7D II (rumored?) has some of these bells on it, I'll aim for that. Just wish it was FF.


After looking at the 6D and 5DMkiii, it's definitely a no brainer when it comes to the price difference for me.  I've been told  (via Canon rep.) that there is also talk of changing the lens kit to the 24-70mm.  However, there are definitely pros and cons that others have mentioned.  The AF system will be interesting to see how it works in the real world.  Still leaning towards the 6D right now over the 5Diii but, would love to take it for a test drive first...

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