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Help me choose my new camera body: EOS R6 Mark II vs EOS R5


I recently sold my 6D mark II as I want to shift to mirrorless, but I'm unsure which one to get.
My debate is between the R6 Mark II, and the R5.

I'll need it for a job in the middle of July, so I can't wait for the R5 mark II.

My main gigs are portraits on location, horse portraits, horse shows, and some weddings.
I also enjoy street photography - particularly at night, so ISO performance is crucial.

I'm leaning slightly towards the R6II, as the cheaper price will allow me to save more for lenses, but is it worth it to drop the extra money for the R5?



Greetings ,

The R5 is rated at -6EV.  The R62 is -6.5EV.  .  While the R62 wins, it's only by a small margin.

The R62 definitely has an edge in autofocus capability and subject tracking.  It also has enhancements specific for animal tracking.  

In your situation, the R62 is probably a safe bet and should meet your needs.

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