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EOS 4000D issues: dim screen & viewfinder, AF issues in live view, freezing up



my canon EOS4000D has randomly started experiencing issues. The viewfinder and screen are incredibly dim and almost impossible to see anything on and the autofocus using the kit 18-55mm lens works only partially when using live view, and not at all using the viewfinder. The camera also freezes up occasionally and will not turn off. It is 6 years old and I am using the original battery, could this be a battery issue? I’ve also had the Error 1 relating to camera and lens communication pop up once.
What can I do about this?



Do you have another lens that you could try?  It is possible that your AF motors are jammed.  But a dark optical viewfinder and Live View are not a symptom of the issue.

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I do not have another lens that I could try. Only that one. I’ve noticed that one of the battery connector pins in the camera seems misaligned, could that have something to do with it?

The dark viewfinder seems suspicious to me. The aperture blades in the lens sound like there jammed. When this happens the camera cannot AF correctly. Since the lens aperture is stopped down too far. The lens is wide open until the picture is taken. Error 1 is a camera and lens communication error. It is quite possible that the lens is faulty. 


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