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EOS 2000D Upgrade Recommendations


New to photography and using the e2000d and love it, however it severely lacks in speed to shoot my sons sports.  Would like to upgrade but I am on a budget.  The connectivity with my phone is a must (nfc maybe? Can't remember what it's called ) and I would like at least 10 fps.  Any suggestions?  Not worried about video capability if that makes a difference.  



@Norm5353 wrote:

"Would like to upgrade but I am on a budget.  

Hello, Norm, and welcome to the forum!

Please specify an amount so recommendations will be more precise 🙂


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Under 1k


For around $1,000, if you want to stick with DSLR, a 90D might be a good choice.

If you want to move into mirrorless, you might look at an R10.

Steve Thomas

Agree with Steve:

You can get each of those via the Canon Refurbished site as follows:
DSLR, 90D:

Mirrorless R10 body: Shop Canon Refurbished EOS R10 Body | Canon U.S.A., Inc.
(not currently in stock, but you can request a notification when one is available).
You would also need to get the Canon EF-RF adapter to attach your current lenses but that would still take you under $1,000.   The R10 has the advantage of being able to track faces and eyes, which is great for sports shooting.

Here is a comparison of the two cameras' specs: 
Side by Side Comparison Canon EOS R10 vs. Canon EOS 90D: Digital Photography Review (

cheers, TREVOR

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What do you mean by "speed"?

Number of shots per second?

You might be able to do better with a different technique, or lens.

Shutter speed?

Low light performance?

Shots per second.  

Also low light when shooting in the gym



Are your son's sports indoor or outdoor?  Asking to understand what type of lighting you shoot under normally.

Indoor under artificial light, night time football, daytime soccer, etc?  This will also help us determine what kind of reach might be needed.

Budget around $1k ✔️

Do you own any lenses now?  Anything which might be used with a new camera?  Compatibility can be nice, but sometimes its worth letting older gear go to help offset the expense of more modern gear.  I don't always recommend buying something new solely so it can be used with older gear, but we'll see.  

I won't bother asking what your 2000D/T7 doesn't do for you now.  I get it.  Body has 9 point AF, Limited ISO 6400 and a Digic 4+ processor.  Certainly, capable in its day, but has been eclipsed in more than one aspect today.

We can offer more when the above questions are answered. +1 Welcome to the forum  😀

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He plays college baseball so outside is most important however I shoot a bunch of shots in the gym for local basketball team and low light is a problem in there.  I have a couple cheap lenses but want to upgrade camera first because I have a few photography friends that I rent lenses from so I can do that for time being.

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