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EOS-1DX Mark II - Dial Issues


Hello all,

I purchased this camera used from Adorama in February 2022. Current shuttercount is around 47,000. 

Everything was fine up until recently... When I use the main dial or the vertical shooting dial to adjust shutter speed or any other settings, it jumps. When you bump it up one, it might go down by 2 or bumping it down one, it jumps down by 3. It's random. It still takes good photos but this is infuriating when I need to quickly adjust settings and I can't.

Midwest Camera Repair in Wyandotte, MI is unable to service this model. Any suggestions or ideas? Should I try to send it into Canon for repair? Any idea on costs if I go that route?






Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to estimate the cost for a repair. The camera would need to be accessed first.  Start by registering the body in your MyCanon account.  This will give you your support options.  You should be able to open a support case and work on getting a ballpark estimate before sending it in.  

To be safe, I'd back up my settings and reset the camera to ensure its a physical malfunction.  

Bay Area - CA

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To clarify, you are getting the same behavior from both the main dial and its twin used in the vertical grip position?

If so, check and make sure you didn't accidentally turn on safety shift or some other "nanny" that is modifying your selection.  If only one of the two controls caused the issue, it would sound like the control encoder is failing but not with both of them exhibiting the same behavior.

I am not a big fan of resetting all settings back to factory default but this might be a good case for trying that approach.

Something else to try is go into custom controls and temporarily reassign the Quick Control Dial to shutter speed and see if you notice the same behavior.  If so, it is extremely likely that you have some other option engaged that is causing the camera to override your specific instructions via safety shift or similar.


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